Property management is an invaluable service to all our overseas clients who neither wish to be involved in routine management, nor have the time to sort out the issues that accompany property letting.

Although most of the tenancies run very smoothly there are occassions of maintenance problems which require to be addressed quickly and effeciently. Tenants, who in most cases are from corporate entities, demand immediate access to the landlord or their representatives.

We therefore endevour to look after the properties we manage as if they were are own.

- Rents are collected on the landlord's behalf

 - Bills are administered on behalf of the landlord

 - Organise repairs and replacements as required

 - Liaising with tenants on a day-to day basis

 - Liaise with landlord's accountants and legal representatives on financial and legal issues

 - Arrange refurbishments, renovation and remodeling of properties

We place ourselves as if we were standing in the landlord's shoes.